Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Welcome back Booters and now Little Booters once again! We are excited to open up a new age group, U4, to go along with those who have been with us before, U6. Can't believe this will be the 4th summer of the Hinshaw Soccer Academy.

Hope everyone is excited to get started in two weeks, June 4th. Once again we will be utilizing the turf at Service High School. For the older players, U6 is the first year where true game play is introduced. We will still be spending time with fitness, technical, and tactical exercises, but 3v3 play will also be featured.

For the little one's and those new to the program here is what to expect:

Each training session will contain the following components - physical play, individual ball skills, team building skills, team play. Parent involvement is also expected and necessary for a successful training session. The U4 group contains a wide age and ability range, and we need your help to engage your child. Don't be discouraged if your child is not interested in everything going on, that will develop with familiarity and repetition. Taking a break to 'refocus' is normal and encouraged for the well being of all children involved. Embrace the fun elements and try not to force those things that the child is resistant to, but keep them attentive and in the training area if possible as the proximity to activity will familiarize the child for future sessions. Training activities will be quick paced and fun to keep the interest of the children. Most children will not turn professional after one academy program, it will most likely take at least two...

In the U6 age group most children have played soccer before. Activities will be a bit more focused, and will still be built off of the four pillars of soccer: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components. Team play will also be a key component for development. Parents may be called upon at times to participate in activities to help 'spread' the instruction. Also, times of redirection may be necessary at times for young players.

We're looking forward to seeing you all out there. Don't forget to bring a size 3 ball (all ages), athletic shoes, water, and shingaurds (older players must have, recommended for younger).